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Your Welcome Fee

$195 / 50 Min. Session

(effective Aug 1, 2023)

An inviting counselling office

Personal Package

$850 for 5-Sessions

(effective Aug 1, 2023)

First Time Clients

  • A Credit Card Number is Required For Booking

  • We Charge a No-Show Fee of $195

Person Centered Therapy

(traditionally also called Rogerian Therapy)

A Couple on a Walk


The experience of counselling for you will be ideally in a relationship of personal care, warmth, respect and acceptance. You will be regarded as a total person, not just a client, customer, or patient.  

A Family in the sunlight


Problems such as grief, anxiety, and depression are areas of focus for me. As well, for those who request, I offer specialized Christian counselling.

Meaningful Conversation

You will experience listening, positive regard, and empathy.

A stock of wheat in the sun


The result will hopefully be transformation. Growing towards your ideal self is the change sought.

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